Houston Heights Theater Group Rebrands Itself, Moves to The Woodlands

Houston Heights Theater Group Rebrands Itself, Moves to The Woodlands

A theatrics firm has ended a nearly 20 years presence in the Houston Heights area, Texas, to relocate to The Woodlands. The artists’ migration some 30 miles north also included a rebranding of their group, from UpStage to Points North.

In a brief announcement on its website, the company said its decision to relocate entailed “a new name, a new look, a new location… but the same heart and dedication to providing exceptional theatre” to its audience.

The group, officially Points North Theatre Company (PNTC), is now accessible inside the neighborhood’s Recreational Enrichment Center, a multipurpose entertainment and instructional venue on the grounds of Journey Church at 1540 Sawdust Road.



Emphasis on Local Community Acts


Sam Sigman, the president of PNTC board of directors, explained the motive for their decision to move with a desire to contribute to growth of theatre scene in The Woodlands.

“From a business, artistic, and community perspective, moving into The Woodlands area was the best choice we could have made,” With nearly 20 years’ worth of experience and hundreds of productions that entertained thousands of audience members under our belt, we knew we could fill a void that we felt was missing from the local community theatre scene,” he said.

Sam started working for UpStage as its technical director years ago and how worked his way up to where he now presides its top decision making body.


Inaugural Production Scheduled for December


The company is proud to have carefully considered all productions for artistic and cultural accessibility to the public since 2000. Not too long after the technicalities of relocation are over, its staff have already gone back to work and held the auditions for the first production in The Woodlands: A Fairy Tale Christmas Carol.


Originally a novella by famous British writer Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol recounts how an elderly scrooge is transformed into a better man upon encounters with the ghost of his later business partner and three Christmas spirits — past, present and yet to come. PNTC says its play will be a fun and unique twist on that classic holiday story.



The production will have six performances before the end of this year. On December 7th, 14th and 21st, the audience will have the chance to see the play at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.


PNTC invites “actors of all ages and demographics” to audition for relevant roles in its future productions. It says it will post announcements for future audition dates and times under news on its website. It also has an e-mail list with which it informs those who have subscribed to it for free on the latest from them.

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