Private Tutoring Helps Houston Students Overcome Learning Issues


Private Tutoring Helps Houston Students Overcome Learning Issues

Houston-based private tutoring center, At-Home Tutoring Services (AHTS) provide many students with personalized attention and professional guidance needed to achieve greater academic success.

AHTS first identifies any learning differences then helps its students learn the way they learn best. This happens at the comfort of each student’s home for a fairly reasonable price making it a service conveniently accessible to all.

Since 1999, hundreds of students of all ages with various needs in one or multiple subjects have been matched with their private tutors.


Expansion into The Woodlands, TX

About two years ago, the company expanded into The Woodlands, thanks to the efforts of Eva Bisso, a mother of three, one of whose kids needed special attention to progress academically.

When her older son was diagnosed with dyslexia – a learning disorder that primarily manifests itself with difficulty in reading – in first grade, Bisso looked out for exactly what she helps provide children in similar situations and their parents today.

“I wanted to provide the same level of quality I expected for my own kids,” Bisso told Woodlands Online, “when people reach out to AHTS, they are getting a tutor I would have in my own home working with my own children.”


Successfully Boosting Quiz and Test Scores!

Without such assistance, many students with learning differences lose self-confidence and start to suffer from learned helplessness. They no longer believe they can be academically successful. AHTS is there to convince them otherwise!

“We never want to hear, ‘I can’t.’ Students with learning differences are amazing; we tell them over and over that a learning difference only means their brain works a little differently,” she said in the same report.

And when these students achieve what they once thought is impossible, Bisso and her team of educators could not be happier. “It’s so rewarding to hear success stories from our students – how they started out with negative vocabulary but successfully boosted their quiz and test scores after a few months with us. That negative vocabulary is now positive.”

Her tutors are former teachers and business executives who, she says, are equally passionate about and committed to each student’s success. Aside from those with learning differences, they also help students whose parents request a more focused, private guidance ahead of some standardized tests such as Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE), American College Testing (ACT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).

Appointments for each tutoring session are designed to meet the needs of the students and their parents. So, they can be in the morning, afternoon or evening any day and time of the week.

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