Based on 5’x7’ Bathroom

24” Vanity Cabinet
Tile (Floor & Bathtub Around)
Vanity Sink

A moderately-sized bathroom can be the ideal setting for a beautiful bathroom makeover with our Silver Package. Optimized for a 5×7 bathroom, our Silver Package combines both function and style for your new space. New tile around the bathtub and floor add a clean layout, while a new vanity sink and a bathtub add a fresh, clean look to your bathroom. With 24-inch vanity cabinets, you will also enjoy ample storage solutions for your toiletries along with adding a wonderful touch of class to the bathroom.

The entire process of plumbing, demolition, installation and fitting will be done by our professional team, which not only means you save the cost of hiring an external party for the demolition, it also ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience.



Based on 5X7 Bathroom

Up to 36” Vanity Cabinet
Tile Floor (10 Colors to Choose From)
Tile Bathtub Around
Bath Light, Toilet, Vanity Sink & Faucets
Bathtub & Fixtures
Medicine Cabinet
Plumbing, Demolition, Installation

Our team of professionals will work with you to update your bathroom and create the space of your dreams. With a number of options to choose from to meet your style, our Gold Package is perfect for your next bathroom remodel. Based on a 5×7 bathroom, choose from 10 different tile color options for your flooring and around your bathtub. Update your bathroom lighting, toilet, vanity sink and faucets to create both style and function. Use up to a 36” vanity cabinet and include a medicine cabinet to allow for storage and space. These facilities along with a new bathtub and fixtures ensure that the time spent in the bathroom prepares you for, and relaxes you after, a long and hard day. From plumbing to fitting, our team of dedicated staff will see to it that you enjoy your updated bathroom from Bath and Floor.



Based on 8’x10’ Bathroom

Up to 60” Vanity Cabinet
Tile Floor (20+ Colors to Choose From)
Frameless Glass Shower
Tile Installation
Bath Light, Toilet, Vanity Sink & Faucets
Roman Tub & Shower Fixtures
Mirror, Painting, Plumbing
Demolition, Installation

Interested in transforming your bathroom into a relaxing space with updated amenities and beautiful fixtures? By choosing the Diamond Package at Bath and Floor you will have beautiful options that offer both style and function for your new and updated bathroom. Based on an 8×10 space, you will choose from 20+ colors of tile flooring to meet your exact specifications. A beautiful frameless glass shower and roman tub with new shower fixtures will also style your new bathroom. Use up to a 60” vanity cabinet with new sink and faucets for ample storage and beautiful details. Add new bathroom lighting, mirrors, painting and plumbing to complete this renovation. With beauty and function, what’s better than feeling like you’re entering a spa every morning in your new bathroom? Our team of professionals will work with you to update your bathroom and create the space of your dreams. Contact us to learn more about the Diamond Package and what we can do to transform your space.

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We will visit your house and measure for space and consult with you, provide design ideas and offer some solutions.

Free Design

After listening to your ideas and needs, we will design your bathroom with 3D renderings. We will either invite you to the showroom to go over the designs or submit the design to you.

Product Selection

After we design your bathroom, we will decide on what kind of products we are going to use.

Demolition & Installation

We will demolish your bathroom and build a brand new, stunning bathroom of your dreams.

Final Walk-Through

After we complete the job, we will have a final walk-through to make sure that everything is perfect. Our job is not done until you’re completely satisfied.

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