Picking Right Accessories for Renovated Bathroom

Picking Right Accessories for Renovated Bathroom

Done renovating your bathroom? Good. But if you believe that your job is done, hold on. A renovated kitchen is like a beautifully baked cake but without the dressing. And just like you always add toppings and various other ingredients before serving a cake, you need to ensure that your lovely, renovated kitchen also has the right accessories to enhance, complete and compliment the overall look of your bathroom. The focus here should be to add products that are high on functionality along with being aesthetically appealing.

To start off, two simple items: towel rings/rails and toilet roll holders must be given priority. Both are simply unavoidable additions if you want to keep a clutter-free look in your kitchen. A towel ring has the time-trusted look and functionality to it while a towel rail can be more user-friendly and versatile. Go for a towel ring if it is a small, personal bathroom with limited space around the sink, while a towel rail makes more sense in case of family bathrooms. The options are endless, so make sure you choose something that adds to your bathroom’s looks.  Similarly, toilet roll holders are an important addition that often gets overlooked and people instead prefer placing their toilet rolls over the cisterns. This not only spoils the looks of a bathroom, but it is also not hygienic and/or advisable. There are many options in the market; from the simple rail-like design to holders with metal covers. While the final choice is, of course, personal, make sure that you do install it for a clutter-free and clean look.

‘Smart’ is a word that is now associated with almost every purchase we make; phones to television to even refrigerators, ‘smart’ is now a byword for futuristic designs. But when it comes to our bathroom, nothing exemplifies smart like storage solutions. Simply put, no amount of storage can ever be sufficient for the bathroom; for we always find something new to keep in the bathroom! Each bathroom offers its own opportunities and challenges. Floating shelves, for example, are perfect for small bathrooms since they don’t occupy any floor space. Similarly, side cabinets are a great way to ensure enough storage space for items like toilet rolls, soap and other hygiene-related products. While storage space is important, make sure it does not come at the cost of making the bathroom looked cramped or like a storage room with a commode!

And no, we have not forgotten the absolute must-have in a kitchen: the mirror.  Whether you are cleaning your teeth, shaving or getting ready in a jiffy, a bathroom mirror is a must. Even if you are tight on space, you can always add a mirror-cum-storage-space right above your bathroom sink. The options are endless and depend, of course, on your budget and imagination. Make sure the mirror is placed at a height that works for all family members and if possible, add small lights around the mirror to ensure clear visibility. The ideal mirror, along with small accessories like toothbrush holders right next to the wash basin will give your bathroom a lovely, clean and complete look.

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