Bath and Floor is a leading retailer of bathroom products, including vanities, and cutting-edge flooring products across the nation.

At a time when brands are on a never-ending spree to intimidate customers with jargon and false marketing, we at Bath and Floor take pride in keeping things simple.

Every customer who comes to us leaves with a smile, not unanswered questions. Regardless of what the customer comes to buy, our honest and thorough approach makes sure that they never feel they are being sold something they are not sure of. It is this honesty that has helped us to expand to various states across the country. Unlike other retailers who list goods only online and boast of zero inventory, we take pride in keeping our stocks at our shops. This way, you buy what you see and can be absolutely sure of your purchase.

Our endeavor to be an industry leader in bathroom vanities and flooring ensures that we do not end our relationship with our customer after they have made their purchase. Thanks to our tie-up with various brands of international repute, we are in a unique position to offer the best prices in town. We manufacture our vanities here in the USA.

From the most ornate vanity designs to the simplest flooring solutions, we are a one-stop destination for hundreds of products related to bathroom. Due to our manufacturing facility at home, we are positioned uniquely to benefit from attractive pricing, which we always pass on to our customers. This explains why we are able to constantly beat our competition when it comes to offering the best prices throughout the year.

But we are not only about selling products. Our professional team is well equipped to tackle all your queries and guide you to ensure a hassle-free experience. Whether you are looking at just buying a simple faucet to revive your bathroom or an entire bathroom cabinet, our dedicated professionals are always available for consultation.

We pride ourselves in ensuring excellent customer service and go to extreme lengths to ensure that a customer gets the best bang for their buck.