8 Hacks to Make the Most of Storage Space in Your Small Bathroom

8 Hacks to Make the Most of Storage Space in Your Small Bathroom

More often than not, a small bathroom lies anywhere between amazingly cute to extremely cluttered.


No one really wants their bathroom to be a mess, but it is fairly easy to descend into a world of nightmarish chaos when you don’t have the luxury of space.  Unlike most other corners of the house, apart from the kitchen perhaps, a bathroom has to balance too many different elements and items too.

But let’s make it very clear: It’s not about how much space you have in your powder room; it’s about how you use it.


You are not the only one facing a space crunch in your bathroom.  In fact, the problem has led to many innovative ideas for decluttering the space and keeping it that way. From wall-mounted caddies to floating racks — a small bathroom can be an opportunity in disguise to show off your creative side.

Sometimes, the additional consideration of making sure materials used are not prone to water damage can be a challenge. But no matter how difficult it is to transform your small bathroom into a utilitarian paradise, it will always be worth the trouble.


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Don’t know what to do or even where to start?  Here are a few things you can use to make sure you get the most out of your small bathroom when it comes to space management.



1. Mounting Shelves


If you have no floor space to spare, you should definitely invest in mounting shelves that can sit above the flush. With different sections for different items, a mounting shelf gives you a three-dimensional storage solution without occupying any floor space.

Even if you do have floor space, having a mounting shelf is a really great idea.  You can use it to store towels, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, or even potted plants.


2. Free Standing Cabinets


In most cases, a bathroom has storage issues rather than space issues. No matter how small, you will always have space for a shower, a toilet, and a mirror with an aptly sized vanity. A bathroom won’t really be a bathroom without those elements, am I right?  The major concern is where to store all of the essentials that come with the room.

This is where freestanding cabinets come in handy.  They provide you a concealed space to store all your toiletries and backup products, while being easy to move around if needed.


3. Wall Mounted Cabinets


If you prefer your cabinets to be mounted on the wall, to save floor space, wall-mounted cabinets can be perfect for your bathroom. You can also have multiple cabinets fixed around your walls, designating a particular storage use to each of them.

Put a mirror on the front and you have yourself a wall-mounted mini vanity.  You can also use a traditional medicine cabinet as an alternative. They are stylish, sleek, and serve their purpose to perfection.  Do make sure that you buy one with multiple shelves to maximize the usage of all the vertical space.


4. Shower Caddies


Shower caddies are a must if you are dealing with a small bathroom. They can lend you some extra storage space while also keeping your bathing products within easy access. If for some reason your shower is unable to take the weight of a caddy, you can have it fixed on the wall right underneath it.

We recommend not going for solid shelves though. They can be quite difficult to clean. Instead, use the ones with a mesh/bar design, preferably made of plastic or other water-resistant material.


5. Storage Vanities


Instead of nesting your sink on a pedestal and losing all the potential space, go for a single vanity with cabinets and drawers to maximize the storage space.

Within the vanity, you can have hooks on the back of the cabinet doors, rods within the cabinets to utilize the vertical space, tiered storage, magnetic strips, and a whole lot more to give you that extra boost.  You can also have a dedicated area for your electricals like hair dryers, straighteners, trimmers, etc. to make sure they stay dry and safe.

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6. Laundry Hamper


No one likes dirty laundry lying around…but even worse is dirty laundry stored randomly in buckets and bins with other stuff.

That is why a laundry hamper can a brilliant addition to your small bathroom. It keeps your dirty laundry out of sight and neatly stored in a single place. You can either go for the stylish cabinet-style hampers or the foldable ones.

A cabinet style hamper will add a sense of style to your bathroom, especially if it’s done as a part of an overall theme. On the other hand. a foldable laundry hamper will give you the flexibility of extra floor space when you have no laundry to store — just fold it and store in a corner until needed.


7. Bins and Baskets


A prudent small bathroom storage strategy can theoretically be made up entirely of bins and baskets. While we don’t recommend that as it can look rather odd, you can still utilize some of them in your powder bathroom.

Just pace a few bins or stylish baskets to store different items. You can also hang them on the walls to serve the same purpose.

If you opt for a floating vanity and still need some storage space, you can also store some wicker baskets beneath it. This is a better option than having a floor-mounted vanity, since it affords you greater flexibility on how you want to use your bathroom floor space.


8. Plastic Containers


This is a really useful DIY solution in case you find yourself lacking in racks and shelves within the cabinets that are available.

Get a few plastic containers and label them according to your needs.  There can be separate containers for medicines, shaving products, soaps, hair products, tissues, oil, makeup, etc.  Stack these on top of each other in the cabinet under your sink or in your vanity.

Being stacked on top of each other, they are an efficient use of the vertical space.  Separate containers with clear labels will also save you the time that is spent looking for items such as hair clips or earbuds.



Other Tips to Declutter Your Small Bathroom


Apart from the items mentioned above, there’s plenty you can do to declutter your bathroom.


Here are some additional tips and tricks:


  1. Have multiple hooks behind the bathroom door, which can be used to hang towels or even shower organizers with multiple pockets.
  2. Take advantage of the narrow spaces between your toilet and the vanity, or your shower and your toilet.
  3. Corded items like hairdryers, curlers, etc. tend to make your bathroom look messier if left out in the open.  Have a dedicated space for them where the cords can be tucked out of sight.
  4. Keep only the essentials in the bathroom. You can keep extra toiletries, toilet paper, towels, etc. somewhere else in the house.
  5. Use rotating racks to store your makeup.  They make the items more accessible while simultaneously taking less space than their traditional counterparts.
  6. Avoid using dark colors or themes which might give your bathroom. Instead, choose a white motif with a few windows if possible as it gives your bathroom an illusion of being more spacious than it actually is.
  7. If you have children, make sure that the cleaning supplies and other harmful chemicals are stored out of their reach.
  8. Wall niches are a great way of increasing your space while also lending character to the wall. Make sure to plan them out BEFORE the actual remodel.
  9. Do not be afraid to put in a tall-wardrobe style cabinet if you have space for it.



Final Words of Advice:


As is evident, there are plenty of generic items you can use to maximize your bathroom space.  For every type of thing mentioned above, there are hundreds of different versions available for you to buy.  Don’t be afraid if you think any of these items are not for you…because chances are there is a version of the same thing out there that will fit your needs perfectly.

Before everything else, you need to figure out your storage needs. Whatever you do, make sure you do not put in more storage units than required. Not only is it an inefficient way of using your money, it can also add to the space problem rather than solve it.


Once you have that part covered, everything else becomes super easy and convenient.  Having a small bathroom is by no means an unsolvable problem — just make sure that your overall decor and the items you use match each other. It’s really that simple, we promise!


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