5 Simple Tips for a Hassle Free Bathroom Remodel

5 Simple Tips for a Hassle Free Bathroom Remodel

Ask 10 people about bathroom renovation, and chances are 9 would say they want one. But out of those 9, probably 8 will also never do it because it is, without doubt, one of the most challenging home renovation projects. And if that is the only bathroom they have, the mere fear’ of being without a bathroom for a few months is scary enough for some people to forget about it.


But is it that difficult? No! A bit of planning and a few smart decisions go a long way in ensuring that the process of bathroom remodeling goes very seamlessly.


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Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure you have a worry-free experience.



  • Shop before you start:

Yes, this applies for all renovation projects but even more so when it comes to a bathroom renovation. In this case, timing is the most important thing to factor. Shopping in advance will help you in multiple ways. You can get the best deals and take your time to decide what exactly needs replacement. You can also discuss and fix the dates the professionals will arrive and most importantly finalize the time it will take to complete the project. A delay will not only increase costs, but it will also increase the gestation period and that is never a good sign. Any delay in providing parts might result in professionals canceling due to other commitments.This will surely increase your costs.  

Shopping in advance will also help you decide on crucial matters like whether you merely want to change the fittings alone or you would like to change the plumbing too. The latter will increase costs and time substantially so decide accordingly. The professional designers also can help you navigate through various deals and purchases if you have enough time at hand and give them sufficient notice. Remember, just because you have the material ready doesn’t mean the designers are ready too. However, it’s better to have delays before you start the project than after it begins.

Be mindful that a bathroom renovation can only be done in a certain order; so do not try to pressurize the designers into rushing things or wrapping up things quickly. Keep a deadline, but arrive at it with mutual consent. The last thing you want is a project done under pressure and not of the best quality.

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  • Deal with the dust, not suffer from it:

Construction 101 equals dust and a bathroom renovation is no different. You already have a lot of things to worry about, so let dust not be another concern. Cutting, removing fittings and hardware will all create dust issues. A way to combat that is to put a fan in the window and create a backdraft to the bathroom to draw the dust-filled air and pump it outside. Also, make sure you cover the floors from the exit to your bathroom.


  • Count your options and use them:

If you have another bathroom, you have more options to play around with. Move products from one bathroom to the other and turn your ‘other’ bathroom into the one to use for the duration of the renovation.

But what if you only have one and it is to be renovated? Worry not!


If you have neighbors who you know well, this would be a good time to discuss your situation with them and ask them for help. Of course, this will mean that you extend them the same courtesy as and when (and if) they undergo a similar renovation. Make sure they know that you will need to use their bathroom for a certain number of days and worry them only when it is absolutely necessary.

If asking a neighbor seems too much of a hassle, ask your designer to help you set up a basement bathroom and/or a shower. You can do this by setting up a temporary fiberglass shower unit in the basement. This is a slightly more expensive option but at least this way you do not have to depend on anyone else for your daily activities.


  • Office, gym and the public spaces:

Did you know all these places had perfectly usable bathrooms? Of course, you do, but now, you can use them for your own benefit. If you are a member of a gym, use the locker provided to store your clothes and take a shower there for a few days. Else, use your office shower just before heading back home to ensure you don’t feel the urge to shower again after work. And last, do not forget public toilets. In case of emergencies, use them whenever needed. There are now apps to tell you where they are located and while this is not ideal, they are a much better option than asking a neighbor for a favor.


  • Wrapping up the right way:

Keeping an eye on the work is one thing, but wrapping up smartly will make sure there is no gap between the day your designers wrap up and the day you can start using the bathroom. Also, remember that even the best designers make mistakes or try shortcuts. So, addressing them at the earliest would greatly avoid any delays. For example, leftover pipes are often bundled up and left in a corner. The last thing you want is for someone to trip on the same. Have a list of your concerns and discuss with designers to make sure that you’re on the same page. Issues like plumbing are specialized jobs and need an expert so it is best to make sure you get everything answered.

Once the project is done, take a day or two to clean up the area and the whole house. Watch out for any shards, leftover nails, and any other hardware material. Make sure that everything is dry and absolutely ready to use. If you have pets, make sure they remain away from the restoration too.


We wish you luck with your bathroom renovation!

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